Bargaining Update #11 — Mediation Session on April 17, 2009

At the mediation session on Friday, April 17, we continued to attempt to work toward settlement of our salary issues.

There are still significant gaps between the parties and at this point, we do not have another mediation session on the calendar. Nonetheless, the mediator is not convinced that it is impossible to reach a settlement, and she has mandated that we stay with the process for at least another two weeks. By statute, we cannot move on to factfinding until the mediator certifies that the mediation has failed.

As noted in our previous posting, the mediation process is confidential and we therefore cannot share details of our discussions. We are continuing to review our options and the full Unit 17 Bargaining Committee will participate in any decisions about next steps. We expect to have more information for the entire unit in early May.

In the meantime, librarians continue to organize across the campuses. Thanks to all who participated in our button and T-shirt day on April 17.

This coming weekend, April 25-26, UCLA librarians will be out petitioning and handing out bookmarks and buttons at the LA Times Festival of Books, an event that brings thousands of book enthusiasts (who hopefully appreciate librarians!) to the campus. If you would like to join them, please contact our UCLA Field Representative Maria Elena Cortez.

Also, please watch for activities on your campus on Thursday April 30, when UC-AFT will be calling upon the University to prioritize undergraduate education. At UCSB, this will take the form of a “Hug the Library” event, where supporters will encircle the library to dramatize the need for UC to provide adequate salaries to librarians.

There will be rallies and teach-ins with similar themes at other campuses — be sure to watch for announcements from your local officers and field representatives and to come out on April 30.

Karen Sawislak

Executive Director UC-AFT

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