2018 Bargaining Table Team Meeting

On February 24, 2018, the UC-AFT Librarians’ Table Team met at the Burbank CFT offices to kick off the bargaining season.

We spent the morning discussing our ground rules and priorities for bargaining with UCOP, including where we would like bargaining to take place (on our campuses, that is!).  We then discussed plans for communicating out to our members and our decision-making process.

In the afternoon, our team worked on the current contract/MOU.  We looked at which articles we would plan to negotiate, what we would like to gain through negotiations.  Individuals and small groups were assigned to work on new contract language for specific articles, such as Article 13 – Salary and Article 3 – Professional Activities and Development.

The day-long meeting was very productive and our Table Team is off to a great start.  The team continues to meet via monthly conference calls and is working diligently on our opening proposals for bargaining.

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