UC and UC-AFT have now “sunshined”

Late last week, bargaining quietly began with an important procedural maneuver – the UC’s negotiating team shared their “sunshine” list (UC Initial Proposals – 2018 Successor) with the UC-AFT Chief Negotiator, Axel Borg.  This is a list of the articles in the current MOU for which the UC negotiators are going to propose changes.

Our team then shared our sunshine list (UCAFT Initial Proposals – 2018 Successor) in return.  You’ll notice their list only specifies which articles they intend to open for negotiation.  While our list includes all the articles, some are annotated with “CCL” – meaning that we are content with current contract language and are not opening those articles.  Keep in mind, regardless which side opens it, any article that has now been “sunshined” is subject to negotiation.  The few articles that have not been sunshined by either side will not be subject to negotiation.

Each document contains a short description and rationale for the changes in mind, but neither side has shared any specific contract language they hope to change.  Those details will become apparent as each side begins to pass a portion of proposed changes across the bargaining table on April 17th at Berkeley, and more will be shared on April 24th at Irvine.

If you have any questions or concerns about what these sunshine documents mean, talk to someone on your bargaining team.  We’re always eager to hear your feedback, as we’re representing your interests.


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