Bargaining Update #2

2018-04-24 bargaining at uc irvine

The second day of bargaining between UC-AFT and UC took place at the UC Irvine campus on April 24.  

In the morning, UC-AFT presented a new article which guarantees Academic Freedom to all librarians, so that they may fulfill their responsibilities for teaching, scholarship, and research. The proposal also includes a section saying librarians are covered by the UC policies for Copyright Ownership and Ownership of Course Materials, ensuring that librarians would retain copyright for their intellectual property.  

After UC-AFT distributed the proposed article text, Martin Brennan, copyright librarian at UCLA, read a statement about Academic Freedom for Academic librarians, quoting statements from the Association of College and Research Libraries, the American Association of University Professors, and more. Following this statement, several librarians gave examples of the importance of academic freedom and how it had been previously denied by UC, in ways large and small.

After the lunch break, we received the first proposals from the UC side. UC’s chief negotiator, Tony DiGrazia, stated that two of the articles they opened for bargaining, they now wish to sign off on with the current contract language (meaning they don’t plan to propose any changes after all). Those two articles are Article 23 – Corrective Action and Dismissal and Article 29 – Waiver. UC also passed a proposal for changes to Article 5 – Personnel Review Action and Procedure. The Table Team is reviewing these proposals carefully; if you have any questions please reach out to your Table Team representative.

After receiving UC’s proposals, UC-AFT caucused for the rest of the afternoon to discuss the proposals and plan next steps.  

We encourage you to talk to your Table Team member, who can provide more detail about how things are going overall.

Our next bargaining date is June 19th at UC Davis, and the following dates have also been confirmed:

July 26 – Fourth Bargaining Session, UCLA

August 8 – Fifth Bargaining Session, UC Berkeley

August 28 – Sixth Bargaining Session, UC San Diego

The Table Team Needs Your Help!  Please share your story with us:

  • Tell us your story about academic freedom, and why it is important to you. For example: have you ever been reluctant to state your opinion about a controversial subject, for fear it may conflict with library administration? Do you have restrictions placed upon your ability to speak to the media? Have you been given provisos prior to speaking in public? Please fill out this form, we appreciate it!
  • Talk to your Bargaining Committee member and give us your suggestions on any aspect of bargaining.
  • Wear your union t-shirt on bargaining days! You can wear a shirt from previous campaigns, or order a new t-shirt at the following link:

In Solidarity,

Your UC-AFT Librarians’ Table Team:

David Eifler, Berkeley

I-Wei Wang, Berkeley

Axel Borg, Davis (Chief Negotiator)

Mitchell Brown, Irvine

Martin Brennan, Los Angeles

Miki Goral, Los Angeles

Carla Arbagey, Riverside

Laurel McPhee, San Diego

Dominique Turnbow, San Diego

Cristela Garcia-Spitz, San Diego

Kristen LaBonte, Santa Barbara

Ken Lyons, Santa Cruz

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