Gearing Up for T-shirt Thursdays

Thursdays have been designated as Unit 17 Statewide Visibility Day – also know as “T-shirt Thursday.” Display solidarity and join UC librarians across the state by gearing up in your union t-shirts and/or buttons, starting this Thursday, June 7.  If this Thursday is too late to get it started on your campus, shoot for next Thursday!

We encourage each campus to take pictures and share on social media with the hashtag #UCLibrariansWork – and be sure to share your best pictures with the Bargaining Communications Group by emailing us at

Don’t have a t-shirt? “Support UC Librarians” T-shirt Order Form:

Feel free to wear UC-AFT t-shirts from previous bargaining campaigns!

Having your membership wear their t-shirts is a great way to display our unity, but consider taking it a step further with a tabling event, in front of your library or another highly-trafficked spot on campus.  Santa Cruz did such an event last week – here’s a few images from that successful event:


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