Getting into the Bargaining Rhythm: Round Three of Bargaining Meetings to be Held on June 19 at UC Davis

On Tuesday, June 19 UC Davis welcomes the UC-AFT Librarian Bargaining Table Team and its allies to its third meeting of button1contract negotiations. UC-AFT’s theme for the day will be academic status, centering on articles that impact how we, as academics, do our work. To support our ability to be academic appointments issues such as flexibility of work, how we are evaluated and how we develop as professionals will be addressed. We are also awaiting UC response on several articles already presented at our last two bargaining dates, and the UC side may be presenting new contract language to UC-AFT as well.

Our table team is prepared, organized, and has our backs. They continue to work hard collaboratively carefully picking language that will support a fair and strong contract for world class librarians. Observers are welcome to join the bargaining session and see the process at work; if you will be at UCD on the 19th and would like to join as an observer, contact our bargaining team, who is also available to answer your questions and provide additional information about the bargaining process and timeline. We will provide an update and summary of the meeting here on the UCAFT Librarian blog following the meeting.

Display your solidarity and support for the table team locally by wearing your union t-shirts and buttons on Tuesday, June 19. Don’t forget to also show solidarity on T-shirt Thursdays. Remember to take pictures of your local actions and post them on your social media channels using  hashtags #uclibrarians #uclibrarianswork #ucforall

 You can also keep up on bargaining and labor issues by following your local unions on facebook, UC-AFT Facebook page and @uclibrarians on Twitter.

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