Bargaining coming to UCLA on July 26th

UCLA folks are busy gearing up for next week, when bargaining will take place at the Young Research Library on Thursday, July 26th.  This week, UC-AFT members and allies had a fun button-making and sign-making get-together, and we’re getting more psyched up every day.

Here’s the schedule for bargaining on the 26th:

  • Informational Table in YRL Portico
  • UC-AFT Bargaining team arrives
  • Bargaining commences (Observers welcome)
    • YRL Presentation Room
Noon – 1PM
  • Lunch and Meet & Greet your Table Team, near the Pergola outside of YRL
  • Speakers at 12:30
1PM – 5PM
  • Bargaining continues (Observers welcome)
    • YRL Presentation Room

Do you want to observe bargaining? All interested members are invited to come watch the sausage get made.  We’d particularly like a good crowd at 10AM, in support of the Temporary Librarians in Special Collections, who will help us present new contract language relating to Temporary Librarians.  They’ve already filed a grievance on the issue, and composed a fantastic letter of protest, which has been posted online and signed by over 600 people.  Be sure to read it and consider signing:

Please join us at Noon! If you can do nothing else that day, please come out to the front of YRL and help us present a strong, unified presence as their side wanders out to find lunch. We’ll be ordering sub sandwiches to feed everyone.  Come meet your table team, working hard to represent you!  Come join the rally that follows!

Dozens of UC-AFT members and allies have already committed to observe and/or join us for the lunch/rally.  If you’re interested in joining any of the events on the 26th, please fill out this form so we can keep you looped in. And mark your calendars!


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