Solidarity from Santa Barbara

ca librarians

Responses to our union’s demand for academic freedom, and UC’s denial of it, have been overwhelming!  We are receiving support from all over the nation and our great state of California, including Santa Barbara (which is no surprise, as we have a UC campus and beautiful new library addition there!)

First up, check out this post from the Union Library Workers Blog, written by UCSB librarian and UC-AFT supporter Gary Colmenar.  The post states:

For your librarian colleagues in the UC, the summer season has been more than a normal summer break since we are in the middle of bargaining for a new contract, with the entire Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) open for negotiations.

Indeed!  It has been quite an eventful summer for UC-AFT librarians, and especially for our negotiating team.  As our readers will remember, the team has traveled to several UC campuses this summer for bargaining.  Our team has had a warm welcome and heartening show of solidarity at each campus we’ve visited!  In addition to showing a strong, united team at the bargaining table, our travels have proven to been a great opportunity to meet librarians across the UC system.

Support the Union Library Workers Blog, which is run by the Progressive Librarians Guild, by joining the PLG at

Next, be sure to read our press release published via the Santa Barbara Independent.  We are thankful to the Independent for publishing our press release.  The more media attention we can get around our issues, the stronger we are!  Please support the Independent by visiting their website at


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