UC-AFT Bargaining Update #7

UC administration decided to cancel our bargaining session scheduled for Sept. 14th at UC Davis, as they were not prepared.

Committed to moving the bargaining process along as quickly as possible, the UC-AFT bargaining team decided to submit the articles we had intended to present on the 14th via email, which were sent on Sept. 19th.  Below are the details of each article.

Article 2 – Nondiscrimination

Our proposal brings the current contract language up-to-date to go along with changes that have occurred since it was first agreed to.

Section A. General Provisions was deleted since it lists the same protected categories delineated in Section B Nondiscrimination in Employment. Therefore, Section B becomes Section A, with the addition of categories not in existence when the original language was written and agreed to.

Sexual Harassment becomes its own section. Section 1 is current contract language. Section 2 reflects societal changes that have occurred. In addition, all UC employees are required to complete the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training course every two years. Including the language in Section 2 brings the MOU in concert with the University Policy on Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence.

Current Section 4. Complaints was deleted and replaced with more detailed language for Resolution Procedures and Appeals. Given the University’s commitment to fostering a climate of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, it makes sense to have more formal guidance on how to address these issues.

Article 14 – University Benefits

In the University Benefits article we are doing two things: 1) cleaning up obsolete language and 2) eliminating the exclusion of librarians from eligibility for housing programs.  Some campuses have housing programs available to certain employees, usually faculty.  This change will allow such programs to apply to librarians as well.

Appendix D

We replied to the UC’s proposed changes to Appendix D, which deals mostly with conditions surrounding Family Medical Leave.  UC-AFT agreed with most changes they proposed to bring the section up to date with current practices and applicable laws, but are asking for a few modifications.

We also notified the UC team that, after reflection, the bargaining decided to keep Current Contract Language for two other articles: Article 17, Management Rights and Article 27, Concerted Activities.

Bargaining continues this week, with our next session on Wednesday, September 26th at UCLA. Join us an observer starting at 10AM in the Young Research Library.

In Solidarity,

Your UC-AFT Librarians’ Table Team:


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