New UC-AFT Unit 17 Librarian MOU Overwhelmingly Ratified!

In an historic outpouring of support, we ratified our new Memorandum of Understanding (or MOU – details of which can be found in the UC-AFT/UCOP Tentative Agreement summary) by a 98% margin. Despite the vote taking place during spring break, when many librarians were traveling, 94% of our members voted. This vote on our new MOU reflects both the strength of this agreement and the hard-earned, vibrant unity of the membership of UC-AFT.

This is not an April Fools joke! UCOP has been notified; the new MOU is officially in effect.

The credit for this success rests with each and every librarian who participated in this effort, and with our allies – all the lecturers, students, staff, researchers, senate faculty, alumni, and community members who stood with us. Thank you! Union Strong! When We Fight, We Win! If you’re not already a member, we encourage you to join your colleagues in UC-AFT.

There is more technical work to be done with UCOP in the coming weeks, to clean up MOU language to reflect our tentative agreement, and make plans to educate members about the new MOU.  Stay tuned for further messaging regarding campus-level meetings to explain the ramifications of the new agreement.

Also, this week we are working on a longer message to memorialize this amazing bargaining campaign.  We’ll recall some of the highlights from the bargaining table and the amazing campus actions, and share some great pictures we’ve gathered of your colleagues standing proud together.

Celebrate!  We’ve all worked hard to get here, and we’ve all earned a nice break.  But remember, our UC-AFT lecturer sisters and brothers in Unit 18 are entering negotiations on their new contract, with their first bargaining date set for April 17th at UC Davis. They have much to fight for – living wages, decent benefits, halting unpaid labor, improved classroom conditions for students, and stable, fair, and career-oriented hiring practices. We urge all of you to lend your energy to their fight, as they did for ours.


Proudly, In Solidarity,

Your UC-AFT Librarian Table Team


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