Salary increases have begun, will be reflected on next few paychecks

The University of California, Office of the President has posted information online about the recently negotiated adjustments to the Represented Librarian Salary Scale.

The first salary scale adjustment for Unit 17 librarians took effect on June 1st.  Vice Provost Carlson issued a letter confirming the terms of our agreement, highlighting the initial implementation of the changes with an effective date of June 1, 2019 for monthly paid employees and June 2, 2019 for weekly paid employees. This raise will be reflected in your July 1st paycheck. Click here to view the updated scale, which will apply for this pay period only.

The second raise will increase all points on the scale by 3% and will be reflected in your August 1st paycheck. VP Carlson issued a letter detailing this change, as well as the revised salary scale. For monthly employees this will take effect on July 1; for bi-weekly employees this will take effect on July 14th.

These updates are consistent with the salary scale changes agreed upon in the current five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Please review our previously posted summary under “Elements of the Tentative Agreement” for full details about raises in forthcoming years.

All members of Unit 17 should make sure to check your July and August pay statements for the correct level of pay. When you do, please note that there will be an increase to your health care premiums that will take effect at the same time (an issue that was not subject to negotiation, unrelated to the MOU). Ultimately, this increase will have an impact on your net earnings, so be sure to examine these changes as well when determining if your new pay is accurate.

If you have questions or notice a discrepancy in your pay, please talk to a Union representative, your local member of the Bargaining Team, and/or your Human Resources department.


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