Academic Freedom policy (APM-011) now active

Important deadline approaching fast for represented librarians The newest addition to the Academic Personnel Manual, APM-011 (titled “Academic Freedom, Protection of Professional Standards, and Responsibilities of Non-Faculty Academic Appointees”), became official UC policy on February 1st,  2020, which is wonderful news.  UC-AFT welcomes this needed policy change, and we are monitoring how policies and procedures … Continue reading Academic Freedom policy (APM-011) now active


Your Table Team reflects upon a memorable contract campaign

With bargaining complete, in May the Table Team met for a retreat to tie up loose ends, reflect on strategy and tactics, and make a set of recommendations for contract administration and future bargaining. We also wanted to share with the membership and with all of you, the followers of this blog, what this campaign … Continue reading Your Table Team reflects upon a memorable contract campaign

UC-AFT Open Letter on Academic Freedom

University administration has assembled and charged a Working Group on Privileges, Protections, Obligations and Responsibilities of Non-faculty Academic Appointees, in relation to APM-010 (Academic Freedom) and APM-015 (The Faculty Code of Conduct).  This group has asked representatives from the UC-AFT Unit 17 Librarian Bargaining Team to consult with them this week.  Ahead of that meeting, … Continue reading UC-AFT Open Letter on Academic Freedom

A Plan to Win: Strategic Campaign Workshops for Librarian Bargaining

On August 28 at UCSD, our bargaining team presented a rational, data driven and irrefutable argument in support of our proposal to close the pay gap with librarians in the California Community College and CSU systems.  Our proposals and supporting arguments demonstrate that salary increases that close the pay gap are a critical step in … Continue reading A Plan to Win: Strategic Campaign Workshops for Librarian Bargaining

UC-AFT Bargaining Update #10

UC-AFT Unit 17 librarians and UC negotiators met on Friday, November 2nd at the UC San Diego campus for our tenth bargaining session. UC administration began by addressing two items: Appendix D - Family Care and Medical Leave UC acknowledged progress made in a sidebar meeting held at UCOP offices on Oct. 24, in which … Continue reading UC-AFT Bargaining Update #10