Your Bargaining Team

This bargaining effort needs the support of every Unit 17 member to be successful.  The members listed below are taking specific roles in the process, but all are welcome to contribute to the effort.  If you’re interested in pitching in, reach out to any of the members on your campus for more information. You can also go to the UCAFT website to see a detailed list of Statewide and Local officers in the union, as well as get connected to UCAFT staff and field reps for more information.

Your Table Team

These are the Unit 17 Members who will be representing you at the bargaining table.  Their work is given direction by the Statewide Bargaining Committee.


David Eifler Berkeley
I-Wei Wang Berkeley
Axel Borg Davis
Mitchell Brown Irvine
Martin Brennan Los Angeles
Miki Goral Los Angeles
Carla Arbagey Riverside
Laurel McPhee San Diego
Dominique Turnbow San Diego
Kristen LaBonte Santa Barbara
Ken Lyons Santa Cruz

Your Statewide Bargaining Committee

This wider group is setting bargaining priorities for the Table Team, who are also a part of this group.  They are also connecting statewide efforts with membership on the campus level.

Susan Powell Berkeley
Melissa Stoner Berkeley
Margaret Phillips Berkeley
Kendra K. Levine Berkeley
Melinda Livas Davis
Adam Siegel Davis
Jennifer (JJ) Harbster Davis
Louise Ratliff Los Angeles
Tony Aponte Los Angeles
Noah Geraci Riverside
Cristela Garcia-Spitz San Diego
Gary Colmenar Santa Barbara
Yolanda Blue Santa Barbara
Rachel Jaffe Santa Cruz
Frank Gravier Santa Cruz

There are many additional members working at the local level to help organize & agitate around this campaign.