Bargaining Update #2 — December 19, 2007

Library Bargaining Update December 20, 2007 The UC-AFT Library Negotiating Team met for our first bargaining session with the University yesterday, December 19, 2007 at the Office of the President in Oakland. Following introductions of the members of the two teams, the UC-AFT explained why we had taken the extraordinary step of sending a letter … Continue reading Bargaining Update #2 — December 19, 2007

UC-AFT Response to UC Opening Proposals

To Unit 17 librarians: UC libraries are long-standing centers of excellence that deliver critical support to faculty, students, and the public. UC librarians stand at the core of the research and teaching mission of the University. Yet based on what can be gleaned from its initial proposals in the successor bargaining that has just begun, … Continue reading UC-AFT Response to UC Opening Proposals

Bargaining Update #1 — December 3, 2007

Librarian Bargaining Update #1 December 3, 2007 The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that governs the working conditions and compensation of Unit 17 librarians at the University of California is about to be re-negotiated. On December 3, 2007, opening proposals were exchanged between the UC Administration and the University Council of the American Federation of Teachers … Continue reading Bargaining Update #1 — December 3, 2007

Belated Reports from UCLA and UCSB

Sincere apologies for the delay in posting these summaries. The local labor-management meetings are now finished -- reports from Irvine, Riverside, and Davis will be posted shortly. In addition, initial proposals for bargaining are due on Monday, December 3. Check back soon for a full description of the union's and the University's opening demands. Please … Continue reading Belated Reports from UCLA and UCSB

UCSD Labor-Management Meeting — November 2

The UC San Diego local labor-management meeting took place on Friday, November 2. Elliot Kanter and Jennifer Reiswig presented the concerns of the UCSD librarians. Mike Rotkin (Unit 17 Chief Negotiator), Karen Sawislak (UC-AFT Executive Director) and Maria Tillmanns (UC-AFT UCSD Field Representative) also attended for the union. Management representatives were Deanna Dudley and Myron … Continue reading UCSD Labor-Management Meeting — November 2

UC Berkeley Labor-Management Meeting — October 25

The Berkeley Unit 17 labor-management meeting took place on Thursday, October 25. Rita Evans, Harrison Dekker and Jesse Silva spoke for the librarians at the campus; UC AFT also was represented by Karen Sawislak (UC-AFT Executive Director), Alan Karras (UC-AFT Vice-President and UCB Grievance Steward) and Michelle Squitieri, the UC-AFT Field Representative for UCB. The … Continue reading UC Berkeley Labor-Management Meeting — October 25

Local Labor-Management Meetings Begin — UCSC

The local labor-management meetings process kicked off on Monday at UCSC. Ken Lyons, Annette Marines, and Greg Careaga spoke out about the concerns of librarians on the campus. UC-AFT was also represented by Mike Rotkin, Unit 17 Chief Negotiator, Karen Sawislak, Executive Director, and Robert Weil, UC-AFT's UCSC Field Representative. The UCOP Chief Negotiator, Deanna … Continue reading Local Labor-Management Meetings Begin — UCSC

Update on Status of Unit 17 Bargaining

To Unit 17: As you may know, the Lecturers (Unit 18) have just completed reopener bargaining. We are very pleased to report that Unit 18 has secured substantial gains in the area of salary and workload. Now, the next major project for UC-AFT is bargaining for a successor contract for the librarian unit. As you … Continue reading Update on Status of Unit 17 Bargaining