Bargaining Update #8 — December 10, 2008

Librarian Bargaining Update for December 10, 2008 By Mike Rotkin, Chief Negotiator, UC-AFT To say that UC Librarians will find this bargaining update disappointing is a classic understatement. We went to the bargaining table on December 10, with low expectations in terms of what the administration might offer in response to our two biggest economic … Continue reading Bargaining Update #8 — December 10, 2008

Bargaining Update #7 — November 19, 2008

Librarian Bargaining Update for November 19, 2008 By Mike Rotkin, Chief Negotiator for Unit 17 On Wednesday, November 19, at the UCOP office in Oakland, the UC-AFT and the University Administration completed the second day of resumed bargaining. On the table are economic issues including salaries, the level of Professional Development Funds (PDF) available to … Continue reading Bargaining Update #7 — November 19, 2008

Return to the Table for Economic Issues — November 6, 2008

Bargaining Update for Session on November 6, 2008 By Mike Rotkin, Chief Negotiator Bargaining between the UC-AFT representing UC Librarians (Unit 17) and the University Administration resumed on November 6, 2008 at the Office of the President in Oakland. Both sides had full teams present. The atmosphere was cordial, but discussions are moving forward slowly. … Continue reading Return to the Table for Economic Issues — November 6, 2008

Tentative Agreement Approved

To UC librarians: In the ratification vote held last week, members of UC-AFT approved the tentative agreement with the University. The final tally of all ballots was 173 in favor of ratification and 15 opposed. Campus votes were as follows (# in favor -- # opposed): Berkeley/UCSF: 36-1 Davis: 20-0 Santa Cruz: 5-13 Santa Barbara: … Continue reading Tentative Agreement Approved

Article-by-Article Summary of Unit 17 Tentative Agreement

To Unit 17 – Below please find an article-by-article summary of the changes to the librarian contract negotiated in successor bargaining for the Unit 17 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). A ratification vote will be held at all campuses during the week of March 31-April 4. There will also be a mail ballot option for those … Continue reading Article-by-Article Summary of Unit 17 Tentative Agreement

Bargaining Update #6 — February 22, 2008

Library Bargaining Update for February 22, 2008 The teams met in Oakland at the UCOP offices in the Kaiser Building. Both teams had most members present. We began with a long caucus to allow the UC-AFT team to discuss how to handle the impact of the State budget on our economic demands. The UC-AFT does … Continue reading Bargaining Update #6 — February 22, 2008

Bargaining Update #5 — February 1, 2008

Unit 17 Librarian Bargaining Update for February 1, 2008 By Mike Rotkin, Chief Negotiator UC-AFT Bargaining remained cordial and moved forward at a slow pace as both parties shared counter-offers on three or four articles each. These were not the most critical articles for either team - not salaries, review processes, or other critical issues. … Continue reading Bargaining Update #5 — February 1, 2008

Bargaining Update #4 — January 23, 2008

Librarian Bargaining Update 1/24/08 The University and UC-AFT Bargaining Teams met at UCOP in Oakland on Wednesday, January 23rd from 10AM until 5pm. The entire AFT team was present, and most of the UC Administration Team was there as well. The discussion continues to be cordial and informal. The parties agreed to and signed off … Continue reading Bargaining Update #4 — January 23, 2008

Bargaining Update #3 — January 14, 2008

BARGAINING UPDATE for 1-14-08:  There is not much new to report from bargaining. The management had a pretty small team there at UC Irvine last Monday at bargaining. Their team was mostly very late because of a missed flight, so we got started after lunch and went to 5pm. The discussions were very cordial. We … Continue reading Bargaining Update #3 — January 14, 2008