Jerrold Shiroma

js-seine - Jerrold Shiroma
Jerrold Shiroma
Digital Scholarship Librarian
UC Merced

How many years have you been in the profession?
Why did you become a librarian?
I was looking at a career change, and saw librarianship as a natural extension of the kinds of creative projects I had been involved in since the late 1990’s–making information available, and facilitating access to that information.
Why is it important to be active in our union?
It’s the surest way for you to articulate, and fight for, your value to your profession.
How are you contributing to this round of bargaining?
  • I’m on the Table Team
  • I’m on the Statewide Bargaining Committee
What aspects of working conditions do you want to see improve for your fellow librarians?
Comparable pay. Increased professional development funding. Greater recognition by UC for our academic and creative output.
What book are you reading right now?
I have a few on my desk–Time of Gratitude by Gennady Aygi; Extracting the Stone of Madness by Alejandra Pizarnik; Kurt Seligmann: First Message from the Spirit World of the Object; Portraits by John Berger

What is your favorite movie?

Carl Dreyer’s Passion of Joan of Arc

Do you have a favorite sports team?
Your Super Bowl LII Champion Philadelphia Eagles.