2018 Bargaining Table Team Meeting

On February 24, 2018, the UC-AFT Librarians' Table Team met at the Burbank CFT offices to kick off the bargaining season. We spent the morning discussing our ground rules and priorities for bargaining with UCOP, including where we would like bargaining to take place (on our campuses, that is!).  We then discussed plans for communicating out … Continue reading 2018 Bargaining Table Team Meeting

Librarian Caucus Plans for Contract Negotiations

The UC-AFT Librarians’ Caucus met on January 23rd during the UC-AFT Council meeting to discuss our upcoming contract re-opener.  Our contract, also known as the UC-AFT – UC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), states that we have the right to re-open up to two articles beginning in July 2016. The Librarians’ Caucus discussed how to determine which … Continue reading Librarian Caucus Plans for Contract Negotiations

UC Regents Report on Executive Compensation

To UC-AFT Librarians -- Below please find the link to the annual report of the Regent's Committee on Compensation on executive-level pay and benefits.  This report was presented at the telephonic meeting of the Regents last week.  At that meeting, record-setting salaries were approved for new Chancellors at UCSF and UC Davis, while student fees … Continue reading UC Regents Report on Executive Compensation

April 30 Events

On April 30, UC-AFT organized events at every campus to draw attention to the fact that undergraduate education at UC is under fire. It is a short-sighted "solution" to budget shortfalls to fail to provide adequate resources to the libraries and to UC lecturers, especially when the University's own audited financial statements show that it … Continue reading April 30 Events