April 30 Events

On April 30, UC-AFT organized events at every campus to draw attention to the fact that undergraduate education at UC is under fire. It is a short-sighted "solution" to budget shortfalls to fail to provide adequate resources to the libraries and to UC lecturers, especially when the University's own audited financial statements show that it … Continue reading April 30 Events

Belated Reports from UCLA and UCSB

Sincere apologies for the delay in posting these summaries. The local labor-management meetings are now finished -- reports from Irvine, Riverside, and Davis will be posted shortly. In addition, initial proposals for bargaining are due on Monday, December 3. Check back soon for a full description of the union's and the University's opening demands. Please … Continue reading Belated Reports from UCLA and UCSB

UCSD Labor-Management Meeting — November 2

The UC San Diego local labor-management meeting took place on Friday, November 2. Elliot Kanter and Jennifer Reiswig presented the concerns of the UCSD librarians. Mike Rotkin (Unit 17 Chief Negotiator), Karen Sawislak (UC-AFT Executive Director) and Maria Tillmanns (UC-AFT UCSD Field Representative) also attended for the union. Management representatives were Deanna Dudley and Myron … Continue reading UCSD Labor-Management Meeting — November 2

UC Berkeley Labor-Management Meeting — October 25

The Berkeley Unit 17 labor-management meeting took place on Thursday, October 25. Rita Evans, Harrison Dekker and Jesse Silva spoke for the librarians at the campus; UC AFT also was represented by Karen Sawislak (UC-AFT Executive Director), Alan Karras (UC-AFT Vice-President and UCB Grievance Steward) and Michelle Squitieri, the UC-AFT Field Representative for UCB. The … Continue reading UC Berkeley Labor-Management Meeting — October 25

Local Labor-Management Meetings Begin — UCSC

The local labor-management meetings process kicked off on Monday at UCSC. Ken Lyons, Annette Marines, and Greg Careaga spoke out about the concerns of librarians on the campus. UC-AFT was also represented by Mike Rotkin, Unit 17 Chief Negotiator, Karen Sawislak, Executive Director, and Robert Weil, UC-AFT's UCSC Field Representative. The UCOP Chief Negotiator, Deanna … Continue reading Local Labor-Management Meetings Begin — UCSC