UC-AFT Strike Fund

The UC-AFT Statewide Council has sanctioned the creation of this fund given the current labor environment in California and across the UC. In the event of a strike during our librarian and non-tenure track faculty bargaining campaigns, proceeds can be used  to partially offset sacrificed wages and to cover other strike-related expenses. When our contracts are signed and active, the fund can be used for solidarity actions: contributions to sibling unions’ strike funds, financial support for student organizing, etc.

Currently, you can donate to the strike fund in two ways: Venmo, or check.

Checks can be made out to the University Council-American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT), with UC-AFT Strike Fund in the memo, and mailed to:

UC-AFT Local 1990

P.O. Box 35618

Los Angeles, CA 90035

To Donate through Venmo:

  1. Open Venmo. Tap the Venmo app icon, which resembles a white “V” on a light-blue background.
  2. Tap the “Pay or Request” icon. It’s a feather-shaped icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Select a recipient. Our handle is @UCAFTstrikefund
  4. Enter an amount.
  5. Add a note (and a message of solidarity!)
  6. Determine who can see your payment.
  7. Tap Pay when prompted